Christmas Appeal

“To have a child who is unable to talk, sit unaided, walk or do anything for themselves: as a parent the future can look very bleak. You feel despair, ‘What kind of a life will she have?’”

Sydney-Mae was 7 years old when she came to Kangaroos as a full time wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, dystonia and epilepsy.

Before joining, life was very different. Simple things like country walks and even popping out for lunch no longer became an option. Guilt became a common theme with both parents feeling the pressure of being unable to give their children the attention they deserved. Mother Aimee told us, “our son was 7 years old when she was born, and overnight his life was turned upside down… of course, he loved her but he didn’t know how to show it.”

There are over 600 families in the Mid Sussex area facing the same reality that Aimee and family once had. A reality confined by the lifelong prospect of restriction, isolation and loneliness.


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We help children like Sydney-Mae to connect with the community and find their place in the world. And we help families get the respite they need to be the best parents they can possibly be. When Sydney-Mae came to us, life changed dramatically:

“ALLELUIA! What a God send! She has her own ‘thing’, her own group, her own place of belonging… she and lots of the others might not be able to talk, but they still communicate in their own ways; I see photos of them holding hands etc- it’s so very special.” (Aimee, Mother)

More families desperately need the vital support of Kangaroos Mid Sussex; support that could give them, what some would consider, basic pleasures. But we can’t do it without you. Please donate today and give more children with learning disabilities and their families the gift of freedom, friendship and connection.

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