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About Us

30th Anniversary

In 2024 we are celebrating 30 years of Kangaroos! from our small beginnings we now have over 390 members and run over 450 sessions a year, all year round, supporting pre-school, children, young people and adults.

Our Origins

Kangaroos was established in 1994 by a small group of parents who wanted their children with learning disabilities to be able to access after school activities. They set up a Saturday play scheme and Kangaroos was born.  

Why 'Kangaroos'?

We think it perfectly sums up what we strive for - our members to be happy, having fun and feeling free. 

Our Inclusive Approach

Though we started as a children's charity, it made sense that we grew along with our members. Thats why we offer social clubs and activities for people with learning disabilities through into adulthood.


We also run family and sibling events so that people who care for our members can connect with one another and have some time off in an understanding and supportive environment. 

About Kangaroos Charity
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