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Support Kangaroos through Community Organisations

Community Organisations

We pride ourselves on being an established local charity that community organisations recognise, trust and above all want to support. Some examples of our supporters from the local community, include schools, colleges, the Rotary and Lions clubs, bonfire societies, and neighbourhood groups.


Many community organisations run an annual fundraising event in their community and have made Kangaroos their beneficiary charity for a specific event. While, other community groups have selected us as their Charity of the Year and raise funds for us throughout the year through a variety of activities and events. Consider if this might be something that your organisation may be able to do.


We feel privileged to be working with some great people and organisations in our  community and look forward to collaborating with our new and existing partners to continue to bring colour to the lives of people with learning disabilities.

Our huge thanks go to all of the community organisations that have raised money for us.

Whatever the size of your contribution we can assure you that it will have a major impact upon the lives of the people with learning disabilities that we support.

Have an idea or want to know more about how your organisation can help?

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