Wonderful charity. Thank you so much for all you do for our children and young people xx

Katarina Wilmore – Parent, 22nd March 2019

Very, very grateful for all the amazing volunteers & helpers at kangaroos. Such an incredible charity.

Vikki Batchelor – Parent, 22nd March 2019

Kangaroos is an amazing charity
Thomas absolutely loves attending & meeting all his friends,
Huge thank you to all of you
You do an amazing job

Sarah Strutton – Parent, 22nd March 2019

Jamie had a wonderful time on the trip. A huge thanks to all the staff for being so positive and engaged with the young people and enabling them to enjoy themselves as ordinary teenagers would. It’s great to see them as a group of young people experiencing life rather than a group with disabilities. Thank you Kangaroos.

London overnight trip – Lion King Feb 2019, 25th February 2019

Nathan recently attended the London overnight trip, with a meal out and a theatre trip to see the Lion King. The show obviously made an impression as Nathan acted out some of the songs when telling us about it, all the time beaming with the biggest smile. Thank you for giving Nathan this wonderful experience.

London overnight trip – Lion King – Feb 2019, 18th February 2019

Such an amazing charity, ran by such kindred souls.
I always feel Mia is very safe in your hands and she adores every minute at Kangaroos.
Thank you for everything you do for all the families. ❤️🙏

Nick Lightbody – Parent, 22nd January 2019