Kangaroos takes tentative first steps to reinstate clubs

As we ease out of lockdown, along with all businesses and other organisations, we have been working hard to assess risk and see how we can adjust to a new normal and bring back some sense of normality to our members.

Our new post-lockdown outdoor activity programme

After careful consideration, we are now offering limited outdoor activities to some of our members. At this time, the safety of our members is paramount, so the new outdoor activity schedule is only open to those considered to have low vulnerability risk for Covid-19.

Members able to attend have been divided into 4 groups, reflecting their usual clubs and age groupings. There are activity sessions for PALS, Breakaway and No Limits, as well as STARS, our group for those with complex needs. Members are roughly split between ages, giving them the opportunity to meet within their peer groups.

The sessions are limited in number to just 3 members per outing, with 3 staff offering 1:1 support. A total of 65 members have taken up the offer of our carefully planned outdoor activities.


After sensitively researching possible outdoor venues, we were delighted to offer outdoor group activities at the following places:

  • Tilgate Park
  • Heaven Farm
  • Lindfield Common
  • Ardingly Showground

What are we doing?

Activities are simple and usually involve a walk and an ice cream! At Tilgate Park our members enjoy seeing the animals at the nature reserve. At Linfield Common there is a playground and at Ardingly Showground the space is vast and suitable for specialist bikes, trikes and scooters.

We are running up to 3 sessions per day at each venue, with sessions lasting 2 hours. The feedback from members and families so far has been hugely positive. Our members have loved our virtual activity programme, which we are continuing to provide. But nothing compares to seeing a friend face-to-face and that is something that is bringing an extra bit of joy back into our members’ lives.

Families have also missed the respite they get when their loved ones are at Kangaroos, knowing they are safe, being cared for and having fun.

We will  continue to assess activities and listen to advice from the government in order to ensure the complete safety of our members. We do not expect to resume indoor clubs and activities until it is safe to do so.

Watch our great little video snapshot of our teen group at Tilgate Park on our Facebook page here. They were so happy to see each other!

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