100km Endurance Hike for Kangaroos

After months of training, on Sunday 1st Sep 2019 myself, Mark Jackson, Maxine Hayes and Sophia Glynne, ‘The Kangaroos Crusaders’, all successfully completed one of the biggest physical and mental challenges we have ever endured, walking 100kms (143,368 steps!) continuously with no sleep, in just over 24hrs from Eastbourne to Arundel. The equivalent of nearly 2 and half marathons in one go.

I definitely underestimated how gruelling and tough this would be, as did the rest of my teammates.

The highs and the lows

There were so many long steep hill climbs, difficult terrain, my water container leaking in my backpack soaking all of the contents, walking against a spell of unexpected wind and rain high up on the South Downs, self-doubt, sleep deprivation, walking in darkness, quite a few tears and the end result …extremely blistered feet, swollen toes, a sore shoulder from my backpack, exhaustion, legs that no longer seemed to function properly and eventually losing nearly every single toenail!

But despite all the effort and pain, the result was  a sense of great achievement, knowing that we had really pushed and challenged ourselves. We were overwhelmed by the amount of messages of support we had along the way and blown away by the crowd of friends and family welcoming us at the finish line.

The whole experience was made even more worthwhile when we exceeded our team target and raised a whopping £5,628.06 as part of our efforts towards the Kangaroos 25th Anniversary campaign, something that each and everyone of us who took part, are incredibly proud of. 

Why not take on your own challenge?

Taking on a challenge like this is definitely something I would recommend, despite the tears and blisters! If you would like to challenge yourself and raise money for a worthwhile cause at the same time, we would love to hear from you. Seek your own challenge and set up a fundraising page on JustGiving or call our fundraising team for some tips and ideas on what to do and how to get started.