Why I Love Working for Kangaroos

Here’s a fabulous round-up of why one of our sessional workers loves working at Kangaroos.

Take it away Cassi!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Cassi! I am relatively new to the Kangaroos family, but working as a sessional staff member for Kangaroos has quickly become an important part of my life.

I love working for Kangaroos for LOTS of reasons. 

Incredibly inspiring people

One of the biggest reasons I love working at Kangaroos is that the staff and volunteers I get to work with, and the Kangaroos members we get to support, are some of the most incredible, inspiring, and happiest people to be around that I know. Every session is rewarding and full of fun and leaves me looking forward to the next. The staff and volunteers are really friendly and supportive, and it’s fantastic to work as part of such a great team. It’s also really amazing getting to know the members we support and building relationships with them. Catching up with everyone and hearing what they’ve been up to between sessions is great fun.

A learning environment

Another reason I love working for Kangaroos is that I’m always learning something new. Kangaroos is such a supportive organisation and offers lots of staff training which is great because it means staff are really good in their roles, and it gives us all lots of transferable skills. Lots of the staff are really experienced and happy to pass on tips and advice, and help with new skills, so every session is an opportunity to learn. The Kangaroos members we get to support are often keen to share knowledge of their own interests too. I’ve certainly learnt lots about musicals, video games, and much more in my time at Kangaroos! 

Working for Kangaroos also offers the opportunity to do some really fun things, and it counts as work! The places we go and the activities we run for the members are really varied and enjoyable. I love the chance to go to new places and experience new things with our members. It’s always exciting looking to see what adventures are coming up when the session lists are released!

So much flexibility

Yet another reason I love working for Kangaroos is that it is so flexible. There are no set shifts, so sessional staff sign up for the times and activity types that suit them. This makes it really easy to fit Kangaroos sessions around other commitments like work and family, and gives us the freedom to offer the amount of time that suits us. I also really enjoy that it means we get to meet lots of staff and volunteers, as we all work different sessions together.

An amazing community

Overall, working for Kangaroos is an opportunity to be part of an amazing community.  I absolutely love it, and can’t wait for all the adventures to come!

Thank you Cassi – we are super happy that you love working at Kangaroos too!

If you’ve been inspired by Cassi’s experience of working at Kangaroos and would like to join our team, please get in touch with Lorna Herrett, our Activities Manager via email: lorna@kangaroos.org.uk

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