PPT smashes fundraising target for Kangaroos

WOW! We are absolutely blown away by one of our local businesses and a longtime supporter of Kangaroos – Potential Personal Training (PPT). Despite the challenging times the whole business community is facing, PPT came up with the idea of a fitness fundraising weekend to raise money for Kangaroos and reached nearly £4,000, smashing their £2K target (you can still donate via JustGiving here).

Like Kangaroos, PPT, a local gym in Lindfield, had to close its doors to the public in March this year when the pandemic hit. Also, similarly to Kangaroos, they’ve had to adapt and move their business online via a virtual fitness programme and sessions outdoors instead. They’ve had to think outside of the box and work hard to keep servicing their clients in different ways.

Yet, PPT still made time to give something back to the community.

Our heartfelt thanks to PPT

We are so grateful to all at PPT for their time, effort, generosity and willingness to support us when they are facing huge challenges of their own. Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

The weekend fitness fundraiser

Despite a 2nd lockdown, PPT used their initiative to come up with a fundraising idea that could go ahead regardless of the restrictions. Their weekend Fitness Fundraiser consisted of the following:

THE BURPEE BAKE-OFF –  On Friday 20th November at 7pm entrants had 2 hours to bake a showstopper. The challenge – 10 fitness burpees every 3 mins!  A very well done to the winner, Sue Gill.

FANCY DRESS FITNESS SESSIONS  – On Saturday 21st November from 8am everyone attending group sessions were given the option of attending in Fancy Dress. Donations were made for taking part.

PPT MINI SPARTAN – On Sunday 22nd November at 10am the first ever Virtual PPT Spartan (for those who don’t know, a spartan is a series of mini fitness challenges). Missions were sent as each one was completed and under existing lockdown rules PPT members were able to buddy up with one other member for the event.

INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGES – On Saturday 21st November PPT Staff, Connor and Charlie, endured a mighty challenge, pulling and pushing a brutal Torque Tank (basically a sled on wheels with gears) around Haywards Heath and Lindfield. The tank, weighing 90kg, also had an additional 50kg weights added, and the gears made it even harder to push. The more people donated, the longer these poor guys had to drag that tank around!! Needless to say they received enough donations so were pushed to the marathon target, amounting to 9 hrs and 26.2 miles. WOW, that’s some achievement!

Here’s what participants had to say

“Well done everyone and thank you PPT! It was great to be able to take part in fundraising for such a great charity and that’s thanks to you guys at PPT for organising and thinking outside the box.” PPT Client

“Thank you for organising. Amazing amount of money for an amazing cause. Well done to everyone that took part. Wonderful bunch of people.” PPT client

“What a workout! Great effort for a great cause.” PPT client

“All of us at PPT hope the money raised will help your children realise their dreams and ambitions. Such a worthy cause. Fundraising doesn’t just happen. Thank you to our fitness leading team. Great job.” Dawn

A true partnership

PPT are longtime supporters of Kangaroos and have previously helped to raise money for Kangaroos. Here’s how:

  • In 2019, Maxine took part in a 100k endurance hike for Kangaroos, along with our fundraising coordinator, Samantha Norgate
  • At the beginning of the first lockdown in April, Maxine and her team organised an online charity quiz with over 40 people zooming in, raising an amazing £415

Above photo of PPT team taken prior to Covid

An inspiration

It takes an extraordinary person to think of others when they themselves face enormous challenges. Maxine Hayes, owner and founder of PPT, is just one of those people with a generosity of spirit that has no place to hide.

Maxine recognises the potential in everyone and every situation. Through her own journey she was inspired by a personal trainer who helped her to believe in herself and achieve her goals. She decided she wanted to help others just like she had been helped and so became a personal trainer herself, setting up her own business in 2012 and opening her own studio in 2014.

Maxine’s passion to help others, extends to the local community. Maxine first met Samantha, our Fundraising Coordinator, when Sam joined a local business networking group at Lindfield Golf, BNI Heart of Sussex, a couple of years ago. Since then, inspired by the work we do, Maxine has been an avid supporter of our cause, especially after an emotional visit to one of our complex needs groups last year.

Maxine says,

‘We are very proud of our community who have pulled together to show resilience during tough times. We have raised an amount of money that far exceeded our expectations for a charity close to the hearts of many members of our staff and community. PPT will continue to do our best to support Kangaroos and the amazing work they do for children and young adults with learning disabilities in Sussex.   Maxine Hayes Owner of PPT 

Samantha says “All of us at Kangaroos are bouncing for joy. Maxine always goes above and beyond to support others and the way her staff, friends and clients get behind what she does, is a testament to what an amazing community spirited business woman she is.”

Charity and business partnerships more important than ever

The pandemic is having a catastrophic knock-on effect on businesses and charities. Yet, in these difficult times, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of local businesses, like PPT, who continue to support us, despite them having real struggles of their own.

If you are inspired by this story and would like to help support a fantastic charity in your local community, get in touch with our fundraising coordinator, Samantha Norgate. We’d love to work with you so we can continue to bring colour to the lives of young people with learning disabilities.


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