Come along on a Half Term Trip with Kangaroos!

Cassi, one of our sessional staff team spent most of the half term holidays working with us on our day trips and has kindly blogged her experience for us. Take it away Cassi!

Often PALS, our group for 6-14 year olds and STARS our group for members with complex needs, have separate activity trips, but every now and then we all go somewhere together.  Over half term we all headed to Nymans Gardens for the Ignite: Fire and Fantasy light show, and we had a great time.

Staff always arrive early to sessions, so we were ready and waiting at the entrance to Nymans as all our members began to arrive.  It was just starting to get dark, and it was a little chilly, but there was excitement in the air as we all gathered and made sure that every member knew who their staff member was for the evening.  Everyone was bundled up ready for an evening outside, and some of our members brought torches to help light our way.

Once we’d all arrived, we headed in.  As we entered the light trail, everyone was given a beautiful flickering lantern to carry round or hang on their wheelchairs.  We made quite the procession!  Often when we go out in a big group we split into smaller bunches and meet up throughout the day, but on the light trail we all got to walk around together in one big kangaroos’ group (a gangaroo if you will!) which was very special as we all got to spend time together and enjoy the light show.  

The trail started with sweet woodland scenes lit by fiery lamps and tiny adorable, illuminated toadstools which were my personal favourite!  Lots of our members really liked the flames from the fire lamps, and they definitely helped warm us up as we went past!  The light trail led on around the gardens which were stunning even in the dark and we got to see lots of different displays.  Lots of our members liked walking through the projected phoenix lights which made us look orange, it was a really nice additional sensory aspect along with the classical music that played all the way round the trail.  Some of our members also enjoyed stepping into the pretty white illuminated flower display, they were almost waist height on some of our members!  A firm favourite for many of us was the large fire breathing mechanical dragon – a very impressive display.

As we neared the end of the trail, we reached the food clearing where we all sat and enjoyed a hot drink or snack, or a cold one if we preferred.  There were hot chocolates on offer, as well as giant marshmallows which you could toast over big fire pits.  Lots of us enjoyed the warmth from those!  Snack time is always a treat at sessions, offering a chance to ensure everyone is refreshed as well as giving us all a chance to chat and relax together. 

After snacks we walked through the last part of the light trail, a path arched by beautiful fairy light hearts.  The sky was really clear that night so some of us did a quick spot of stargazing too!  All too soon it was the end of the trail and time to hand our lanterns back and head to the pickup point.  The end of yet another great session, I’m sure we’re all looking forward to our next kangaroos adventures!

Cassi pictured here with Aya, a member of our group STARS


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