Younger Children

Age 0 – 5 years

If you have a baby or child up to the age of 5 with additional needs then you will find support at our Stay and Play sessions.

Sessions are usually held once a month on a Saturday morning at the Kangaroos Hub in Haywards Heath. Parents / Carers must stay for the duration of the session, but can enjoy a coffee, and have the opportunity to chat with other parents and carers in the same situation. Our staff will be there to support your child and play with them.

For further information please use our contact form here, or call us on 01444 459108.

Younger Children

Younger Children

Age 6 – 14

PALS – Play, Activities, Laughter, Support – is a weekly Saturday and Holiday Playscheme for children aged 6 to 12, based at The Ashenground Community Centre in Haywards Heath. At PALS, we support children with a vast range of disabilities including severe autism, complex epilepsy, visual and hearing impairments, limited mobility and profound communication difficulties.

All children attending PALS have a learning disability, including many with more complex needs and children with higher numbers on the autistic spectrum who require specific support strategies applied in a structured manner

PALS runs throughout the year offering in-house activities and trips out. All activities are tailored to the children’s needs. We create a safe and structured environment where children can play, interact and thrive, whilst being fully supported by experienced, qualified staff and young volunteers. We provide appropriate 1:1 and 2:1 support as required. Activities include themed days at base, such as space, transport or sensory play, and trips out to a wide range of venues including farms, sensory rooms, theme parks and inclusive playgrounds. We also offer overnight stays to outward bound centres and other venues.

Champions – is an after-school club held on Thursdays at the Yews in Haywards Heath for children aged from 8 to 14. Attendees enjoy a range of activities including crafts and cooking, as well as the occasional trip out.

AllSports – is an after-school sports club for children aged from 8 to 14 run on Mondays at Woodlands Meed School in Burgess Hill.

Bert and George are brothers who attend PALS

“Kangaroos is literally the ONLY respite I get from looking after my two autistic sons. It is the only place where they like going, feel safe and are obviously well looked after. They feel accepted and part of the gang.

Until last summer they had never had a sleepover due to their anxieties and routines. They were offered a place staying at the log cabins at Lodge Hill for a weekend. It was a fantastic success and they thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s just another example of how Kangaroos build confidence and self esteem in our kids and offer the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures that many neurotypical kids take for granted. Thank you Kangaroos!”
Bert and George’s Mother

Bert and George are brothers who attend PALS

If you are interested in joining Kangaroos and participating in one of our clubs for younger children then please contact us and Lorna Herrett, our Activities Manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

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